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Program Services

Evolution is a transition program for students who continue to be eligible for educational services as they transition to adulthood. Evolution blends educational opportunities within real-world settings in the community. Our passionate and specialized staff works collaboratively with our students, families and the community to provide each student with a comprehensive and individualized program that utilizes their strengths and abilities to foster increased independence.
Evolution is designed to give students a voice and a choice in developing their plan for transitioning into adulthood. We provide a variety of services that include transition and vocational assessments and job coaching. We believe that blending special education, vocational training, and community-based supports cultivates positive and long-term outcomes for young adults with disabilities. Our programs and services include:
Person-Centered Planning – We bring together the student’s family, school, community service providers, and supports to collaborate with the student to develop and implement plans for adulthood. Together, we help the student define a dream vision for the future, and identify the supports they may need and steps they must take to reach their vision.
Therapeutic Services – We provide direct and consultative nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision, speech & language, and counseling services. We work collaboratively and integrate therapy activities within the program, for example, hygiene care, sewing and cooking.
Transition Inventories – We utilize a variety of inventories to assess students’ skills: academic skills, post-secondary skills, independent living, and community participation. Transition goals and objectives are developed from the results. Career and Interest Inventories are utilized to match a student’s personality and interests to a specific work environment or career.
Community-Based Work Experience (CBWEs) – Evolution provides a variety of internships for students to explore vocational options. Students rotate through a variety of CBWEs throughout the school year. .
Community-Based Instruction – Students may participate in structured, supervised community service and/or recreation activities. These activities are geared toward putting daily living skills into practice, developing peer relationships, modeling appropriate behaviors in a variety of settings, and fostering a sense of community belonging.
Job Development – Job development skills are provided to help students obtain competitive employment, based on their interests and strengths before they leave the program at age 22. The staff assists the students in developing a resumé and interview skills.
Job Coaching – The level of job coach support provided will depend upon the student’s needs and the natural supports available at the job site. The level of support can range and is designed to fade gradually over time. Job coaching includes data collection on skills, goals, and outcomes.
Transition Portfolio – Each student will assemble a transition portfolio that they will take with them when they leave the program at age 22. This portfolio, which comprises three sections: personal information, vocational planning, and adult living, serves as a useful tool to help them plan for future educational, vocational and adult living outcomes.
Travel Training – Students may participate in travel training with the Worcester Regional Transit Authority and Metrowest Regional Transit Authority.

Our STAFF is the
of our success

Our highly-trained staff builds relationships with our students, their families, and the communities to which they belong. We make it our business to be well versed on the community resources and supports available to our students. Collaboration is at the core of our programming, and our staff emphasizes teamwork when working with students to help them create an individualized plan to transition into adulthood. We provide weekly opportunities for the students’ support team to meet and discuss their progress in meeting their personal goals.