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Family Success Partnership

Strengthening families and students (ages 5-22) through innovative, collaborative, and preventative wraparound services.

PREVENTION is key! At FSP we believe that lasting SUCCESS is possible when needs are addressed early. We take a HOLISTIC approach when working with students and their families.

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FSP Brochure 2019-2020

Working Together for

It's been proven that when families, schools, and communities work in partnership to support a child's progress outside of school hours, a child is more likely to experience growth and success. While these partnerships are essential to the child's success, there are also many ways that these relationships are meaningful and beneficial to ALL partners.
Our Family Success Partnerships bring:
student success by:
  • reinforcing school learning to outside of school hours
  • fostering positive attitudes and behaviors
  • giving individualized support
school success by:
  • providing shared resources
  • offering training to improve programming
  • resource navigation for consultation and student support teams
  • substantial cost avoidance exists when comparing program support and wraparound services to more intensive services
family success by:
  • helping to navigate the complex array of programs and services available
  • providing access to these services and resources
  • offering support outside of school hours
community success by:
  • helping to identify students and families in need of support
  • aligning goals to meet state and local standards
  • maximizing the use of resources
  • fostering a shared vision for students' success and growth

FSP has been made possible by the generous support of:

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