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Referral Information

How to make a referral to the SOAR 45 Day Assessment Center:

A student referral can be made to the SOAR center by a school district. The district should down load and complete the SOAR intake form which can be found at the link below. The SOAR intake form provides an opportunity for the school district to identify the referral questions and to select the assessments to be completed during the 45 day assessment period. Once completed, the school district needs to send the SOAR intake form along with a referral packet that includes: current IEP if appropriate, most recent assessments, discipline report and any other pertinent information.
Referral Packet should be emailed to Brenda Goodreau, [email protected]

What happens after the referral packet is received?

  • The packet will be reviewed by OSA/SOAR Program Director along with SOAR Program Coordinators.
  • SOAR Program Coordinator will contact the sending district and update the district on whether or not SOAR would be an appropriate setting to answer the referral questions and to meet the student's needs.
  • If there are additional questions of the appropriateness SOAR, family and student may be contacted to attend an informational meeting to allow an opportunity for SOAR coordinators to gather additional information.
  • If it is determined that SOAR is able to meet the student's needs, an intake meeting will be scheduled with family and student. The school district is welcome to join any informational or intake meetings.
  • During an intake meeting, the family will complete an student informational packet including a consent for assessment and an agreement for student enrollment at SOAR.
  • A start date will be determined and will typically be the following Wednesday after the intake meeting.
  • Typically once SOAR receives a referral, the turn around time is approximately two weeks. There are time period during the school year that are quite busy and will impact the timeline for referral review and enrollment.