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SOAR Program Services


SOAR Program and Assessment Services




SOAR Academics & Electives:


SOAR provides individualized tutorial and small academic instructional groups to allow for individualized instruction and attention. SOAR instruction will be guided by the curriculum of the referring school. If determined by the referring TEAM, students enrolled in SOAR may be integrated into small group instructional groups located within AVCAS (Assabet Valley Collaborative Alternative Schools). Opportunities for integration may provide additional assessment data relevant to factors contributing to challenges a student is facing. SOAR Educational Coordinator will act as a liaison between SOAR and sending districts to ensure the implementation of instructional activities and documentation of completed coursework.

During a student’s enrollment in SOAR, education and milieu staff will perform educational observations, screenings and collect academic data. If beneficial to answering the referral questions, formal educational assessments may be administered.


  • Reading (Phonetic Awareness, Comprehension) Screening
  • Writing Screening
  • Math Achievement Screening
  • Vocational Assessment
  • Comprehensive Achievement Battery*
  • Speech & Language *
  • Occupational and/or Physical Therapy*
  • Cognitive Evaluation*

* supplemental subcontract

SOAR provides a wide range of elective courses that are designed to further engage students in developing skills, interests, and hobbies and that also align to the Curriculum Frameworks. Students will have an opportunity to access elective courses with the SOAR cohort and/or integrate into existing classes with students enrolled in AVCAS.

SOAR Clinical Services:

SOAR provides formal and informal clinical assessments to assist the TEAM in developing the most appropriate plan to foster students’ achievement and progress. Upon enrollment, students will meet individually with clinical staff to complete a structured clinical interview that will assist SOAR clinical staff in identifying the social and emotional strengths and areas of needs for students. During a student’s enrollment in SOAR, clinical and milieu staff will perform clinical observations, screenings and collect relevant data. If beneficial to answering the referral questions, additional formal clinical assessments may be administered. These may include:

  • Clinical Inventories (ex: BASC III, MACI, BDI)
  • Comprehensive Case Review
  • CANS Assessment (Child Assessment of Needs & Strengths)
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment*
  • Clinical Projective Evaluation*

* supplemental subcontract

The SOAR clinical team employs an eclectic practice, drawing upon a variety of theories and evidence-based practices to best meet the social and emotional needs of individual students and to collect data that will provide meaningful information. While common goals exist across different treatment models (i.e. to improve social relatedness, to implement positive coping strategies), the eclectic practice framework allows clinicians to consider multiple theoretical perspectives and to implement a variety of practices and techniques in order to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatment for students.

As one component of the eclectic practice, the clinical team utilizes cognitive behavioral strategies, coaching students to monitor and change distorted thought patterns in order to change and manage emotions. SOAR also draws upon the principles of reality therapy and choice theory, which emphasizes the relationship between staff and student and their ability to problem-solve situations in the moment.

SOAR Behavior Management Support:

SOAR provides a structured, therapeutic educational environment where behavioral supports and intervention are embedded within the milieu. During a student’s enrollment at SOAR, clinical and milieu staff will perform observations, collect behavioral data, and if beneficial will conduct a functional behavioral assessment and develop a individualized behavior intervention plan. In addition structured and unstructured assessment tools may be administered with students and families to gather information that may be helpful in answering referral questions.


Students that are enrolled in SOAR will participate in a school-wide behavioral support system that includes a point and level system. SOAR follows a structure of reinforcing positive behaviors/choices while establishing deterrents for negative behaviors/choices during the school day. Students earn points for each portion of the school day by participating responsibly and respectfully, and by demonstrating effort on their individual school goals.   When students are having difficulty, a variety of strategies will be applied in an effort to assist students in adapting their behavior at the earliest intervention point. These strategies will begin with a staff prompt or offer for a check-in, a redirection to set a limit for the student, a directed/required time away, or an in-school suspension. SOAR does occasionally need to enforce out-of-school suspensions for unsafe behaviors, but will attempt to exhaust all other avenues of consequences when possible. Our goal is to work with students to find meaningful rewards and consequences to assist them in making productive and positive choices in the school environment.


The SOAR therapeutic milieu provides a structured backbone to the program, and offers students a platform for earning increasing levels of privilege and responsibility. Liberal ratios of staff to students enable individual attention and support for each student as he/she works towards his/her goals.




SOAR Behavior Assessment Services May include


  • Analysis of problem behavior      (Functional Behavior Assessment)
  • Behavior Intervention Plan and      Goal Setting
  • In-Take Risk Screening
  • Comprehensive Risk & Safety      Assessment (*Supplemental Subcontract)
  • Crisis intervention/prevention
  • Weekly Multidisciplinary Team      meetings
  • Collaboration with parents and      service providers
  • Time Away/Check Ins


* SOAR does not provide physical restraint as part of the behavior management protocol. For students who require this level of support and intervention, SOAR would not be an appropriate diagnostic and assessment setting.