Overview and Guiding Beliefs

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SOAR Overview & Guiding Beliefs


Short Term Option for Assessment and Recommendations

Assabet Valley Collaborative & ACCEPT Education Collaborative


SOAR is a short-term stabilization and diagnostic assessment program for middle and high school students who are struggling in their school setting as a result of emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. The clinical and educational expertise available from SOAR staff assists districts in addressing diagnostic and placement issues for students experiencing difficulties.

SOAR staff provide counseling, behavior management, academic support (small group and tutoring available), and case management. Prior to a student’s 45-day placement, the Team will identify referral questions. During the placement, SOAR staff will work with all constituents to answer these questions and formulate appropriate recommendations. We strive to assist students, families, and districts in coordinating the appropriate services and structures so that SOAR students can return to the least restrictive setting.


We Believe:


vThat the primary goal of SOAR is to assist school districts and families in developing the most appropriate plan to foster students’ achievement and maintenance of progress.

vThat data driven individualized goal setting and progress monitoring is crucial to decision making.

vThat multiple data sources and assessment across time provides meaningful information to be used in developing appropriate recommendations.

vThat students’ ability to learn and progress is influenced by a complex interaction of individual and environmental factors.

vThat students make progress when they feel safe, valued, connected to adults, engaged in activities and adequately challenged.