Victoria Reach II

AVC is deeply committed to bringing communities together to provide high quality services to children, families, and our region


REACH Overview and Guiding Beliefs





Who We Are
REACH has been providing services for students with severe disabilities since 1976, when AVC opened its first classroom. Since then, REACH has grown to serve students in four classrooms servicing 15 communities.
Advancements in the fields of education, medicine, and technology have significantly changed the program over the last 35 years. Schools have become more inclusive environments, which have increased the opportunities for students with multiple disabilities. Medical advancements have prolonged life and have improved the quality of life for children with complex health care needs, providing access to education for students in profound ways.
Technological advancements have provided access to communication, education, and mobility in ways that continue to energize us daily to find solutions and tools to improve our work.

What We Do
REACH utilizes the Unique Learning System to access the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and provide assistance and training for functional life skills and Community Based Instruction.
Collaboration is critical! REACH partners with families and the educational team to create a transdisciplinary team and embed skills into all activities throughout the day, and provide comprehensive and age-appropriate curricula that address academic and functional skills.

REACH strives to provide opportunities for inclusion with peers and staff with profession medical support. The development of student communication and motor skills is supported through Assistive Technology and Augmented Communication Systems.

What We Value
REACH is committed to providing high quality services to our students in the least restrictive environment through maximizing opportunities for inclusion with general education students and integrating our program within the fabric of our community.

We believe that our students benefit from opportunities to be included in our school communities and within their local communities.

We believe that our communities benefit from learning from and with our students.

We believe that all students should be afforded the opportunity to REACH their full potential.