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Evolution Referral Information

How to make a referral to the Evolution program:

A student referral can be made to the Evolution program by a school district. The district needs to send a packet of information to the program director that includes: current IEP, last assessments completed (educational, psychological, OT, Speech, PT, etc.), last 2 progress reports, behavior plan if applicable, pertinent medical information.

What happens after the referral packet is received?

• The packet will be reviewed by the program director and program coordinator
• The director will call the sending district after the packet is reviewed to let them know whether or not the program can meet the student's needs
• If it is determined that the program can meet the student's needs, the director and/or program coordinator will set up an observation of the student in their current placement
• The student and family will be invited to come and tour Evolution
• A team meeting will be held

Program Director:
Karen Laskey

Program Coordinator:
Mary Sharma