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Evolution Program Services

Transition Services

Evolution provides a variety of transition services that may include, depending upon the individual students' needs, transition assessments, vocational assessments, and transition and job coaching.

Person Centered Planning - At the heart of the work we do at Evolution is the Person-Centered Planning process. This entails bringing together the student's support network (family, school, community service providers, and others identified by the student) to support the student in developing and implementing plans for adulthood. The process involves helping the student define his/her dream vision for the future, the supports they may need to reach their vision, the values that are important to them as they pursue their goals, the challenges they may face in the process, and identifying steps they can take to pursue their goals. The progress that the students make toward reaching their goals will be reviewed each progress note period.

Transition Inventories - The Brigance and ESTR inventories assess student's skills in the following transition domains: academic skills, post-secondary skills, independent living, and community participation. Transition goals and objectives can then be developed from the results. Career and Interest Inventories are utilized to match a student's personality and interests to a specific work environment or career.

Community Based Work Experiences (CBWE's) - Evolution provides a variety of internships for students to explore vocational options. Students rotate through a variety of CBWE's throughout the school year. CBWE's currently include: Beaumont Rehabilitation Center, Shrewsbury Public Schools, Assumption College, Berlin/Boylston Public Schools, Curry Printing, Shrewsbury Crossing, Quinsigamond Community College, and Shrewsbury Public Library. While competitive employment is a goal for all students, we recognize that employment readiness is individual and varies among students.

Community Based Instruction - Evolution staff arranges structured, supervised community service and/or recreation activities for the students. These activities are geared toward putting daily living skills into practice, developing peer relationships, modeling appropriate behaviors in a variety of settings, and fostering a sense of community belonging. Activities are selected based on the interests and abilities of the students, their physical and emotional needs, and social goals as noted on their IEP'S.

Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plans - Evolution utilizes this diagnostic goal setting and assessment tool developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which assesses a student's performance on the job and assists staff and students in developing objectives designed for individual success. A job description and student specific goals are developed and reviewed at 12 week intervals and are included in the quarterly IEP progress reports.

Job Development - If appropriate, job development skills will be provided to assist students to obtain competitive employment, based on their interests and strengths, before they leave the Program at age 22. Staff will assist the students in developing a resume and interview skills.

Job Coaching - The level of job coach support provided will depend upon the student's needs and the natural supports available at the job site. The level of support can range from one to one coaching to occasional check-ins and is designed to fade gradually over time. Job coaching will include data collection on skills, goals, and outcomes.

Transition Portfolio - Each student will assemble a transition portfolio that they will take with them when they leave the program at 22. There are 3 sections to the Portfolio: Personal Information, Vocational Planning, and Adult Living. As activities are completed, they will be added to the Portfolio. This tool assists in planning for future educational, vocational and adult living outcomes.

Therapeutic Services - If needed direct and consultative Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision, Speech & Language, and Counseling services are available. Related services are embedded into the routine of the program. We work on therapeutic positioning, active mobility and promote range of motion through positioning, equipment use and activities that are educationally relevant. We work collaboratively and integrate therapy activities within the program activity: hygiene care, sewing, cooking, etc. We have found that students learn best through repeated routine and when the activity is a meaningful part of their day.

Travel Training - Students have the opportunity to participate in travel training sing the Worcester Regional Transit Authority throughout the Shrewsbury/Worcester area. Students are given an assignment, as a group, to choose a destination point accessing the WRTA. Once a group consensus is reached, the students must plan their trip, working around the logistics of the school day and the bus schedules.

Best Buddies - The Evolution Program students and students from Clark University have joined forces to create a new chapter of The Best Buddies College Program. Students get together on a monthly basis for social events and activities and are paired with an age appropriate "buddy".



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