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Evolution Guiding Beliefs

Assabet Valley Collaborative

Evolution -- Guiding Beliefs

Evolution serves special education students who have completed 12th grade whose IEP Teams have identified a need for a post-graduate vocational/transitional program up to age 22. Services provided at Evolution include vocational assessment, job development, functional academics, community-based job experiences, social/emotional support, activities of daily living, and independent living skills development. Evolution promotes self-awareness and self-advocacy and students are actively engaged in designing their future path toward maximized independence.


We believe:

  • That our young adults must have voice and choice in customizing their transition planning.
  • That our students bring significant value and benefit to our community-based sites.
  • That blending special education, vocational, and community-based supports cultivates positive transitional and long-term outcomes for young adults with disabilities.
  • That our academic work must include meaningful connections to students' vocational and living settings, and that vocational programming and goals must be informed by specially designed strategies developed by special educators.
  • That resource navigation in the adult service arena and family support will enhance our student's self-advocacy and independence.
  • That customized, engaging, and meaningful community-based work experiences facilitate independence and reduce the impact of disabilities in work and in adult life.
  • That increasing durations of community-based experiences are vital to the long-term success of our students.
  • That young adults should be connected, engaged, and supported in their community to promote independence.
  • That data-driven individualized goal setting and progress monitoring is crucial to decision-making.
  • That family and community support is vital to our students success in transition to adulthood
  • That the day BEFORE a student's 22nd birthday should look and feel just like the day OF the students' 22nd birthday.


Our beliefs guide the work we do in all of our domains – from Functional Academice Services and Transition Services.