AVC is deeply committed to bringing communities together to provide high quality services to children, families, and our region


Evolution Organizational Chart


64 Holden Street    Shrewsbury, MA 01545   Telephone: (508)841-1562    Fax: (508)841-8753


Karen Laskey, Director of Satellite Programs,  Email: klaskey@avcollaborative.org


Mary Sharma, Program Coordinator,  Email: msharma@avcollaborative.org
Cynthia Cisowski, Nurse Coordinator,  Email: ccisowski@avcollaborative.org
Kalie Walker, Transition Specialist, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Melissa Ayantola, Special Education Teacher,  Email: mayantola@avcollaborative.org
Laura Borges, Special Education Teacher,  Email: lborges@avcollaborative.org
Jamie Farrar, Special Education Teacher, Email: jfarrar@avcollaborative.org
arrie Attaway, Special Education Teacher, Email: cattaway@avcollaborative.org
Nicole Gerardi, Registered Nurse,  Email: ngerardi@avcollaborative.org