Referral Information

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Consultation Services Referral Information

The process for requesting consultation services at AVC is simple:

  • Fill out and submit an Initial Request Form.  You will be contacted shortly after submitting this to be given an estimate for the service.  If we have follow up questions regarding the service, we can discuss them with you through email or a phone call.
  • If your request will include ongoing services, we will also ask that you fill out the Ongoing Service Request Form.

Specific services may require additional referral information.

  • When requesting Assistive Technology services, we also ask for a current copy of the student's IEP and a completed WATI Referral Form.
  • When requesting Family Success Partnership services, we also ask for a completed FSP Referral Form and School Assessment Form.  Additional information about the Family Success Partnership can be found on the AVC link to FSP.

To begin any consultation service, we expect that there is a signed parent/guardian release and a purchase order on file at AVC.


Questions about the AVC Consultation Services request process?  Contact Suzanne Pomerleau at 508-481-3611 X 7001 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .